Metalphoto meets or exceeds Government & Industry
Industry Specifications & Studies    
Boeing Commercial Aircraft Company Honeywell, Inc.
Boeing Process Specification BAC5875 Satellite Systems Operations
Fabrication of Aluminum Markers, Instrument Metalphoto approved for use on Space Station
Panels, Drawer Front Panels and Fabrication of Memorandum A3-J024-M-9501786
Metal and Plastic Appliques Laboratory Case 161311
Lockheed Martin SAE Technical Paper Series 2000-01-2437
Fabrication of UID Nameplates of Aircraft Items Special requirements for Crew Interface Labels
LMA-PN010 on the International Space Station
Stephen Gray & Fernando Ramos - Boeing
UL & CSA  
Underwriter Laboratories
Marking and Labeling Systems PGDQ2
Marking and Labeling System Material
Component PGGU2.MH26206
U.S. Government Specifications & Studies    
Department of Defense Department of Defense
Commercial Item Description MIL-STD-130M
A-A-50271 Class 2-Composition C Identification Marking of U.S. Military Property
Department of Defense Department of Defense
MIL-A-8625F MIL-P-19834B
Anodic Coatings for Aluminum & General Specification for Plates
Aluminum Alloys Identification or Instruction, Metal Foil,
Type II Class 1 (unprocessed or clear) Adhesive Backed
Class 2 (processed)
Department of Defense Department of Navy
MIL-STD-13231 Laboratory evaluation of label plate materials
Standard Practice and attachment methods considered for use
Marking of Electronic Items on LPD-17 CARDIVNSWC-TR-62-00-05 June 2000
Department of Defense NASA, Johnson Space Center, Texas
MIL-DTL-15024F Space Station Inventory Label Specification - SSP 50007
Identification of Equipment
Type G - Foil - Type H - Plate United States Federal Government
Federal Specification GGP-455B(3)
Type I (Grade A&B) Class 1 or 2





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